Parade Participation 4th of July 2017

The Vilas County Trail SYstem will open on May 1st, 2018. As soon as we are able to get out on the trail system we will be working on the Snipe Lake Game Trail and Wood Duck Lane with brushing and signing. Another thing we will be building this season will be a new parking lot at Gravel Pit Road and Birchwood Drive. This property is about three acres and access was granted by the VIlas County Highway Department. This will allow our riders additional access to the trail system. In order to accomplish this, and build new trails we will need the  cooperation from some of the surrounding towns that border the town of St. Germain. So look here and on our Facebook Page (St. Germain ATV Club) as we gain success in our pursuits. We will also be building another parking area along Gravel Pit Road and Birchwood Drive.

Vilas County ATV Alliance

This years major fund raiser for the St. Germain ATV Club is a raffle First Prize: 2018 Polaris Ranger 570 full size complete with roof. 

Second Prize: 6x12 trailer with loading ramp. 

Third prize is a cash prize of $500.00


Fourth Prize is a three night stay at the Winnebago Cabin at Twin Waters Resort in St. Germain on Big St. Germain Lake. 

​(Subject to Availability)

(Certain dates apply)

 St. Germain ATV Club will have tickets on sale at all of our sponsors. Throughout the St. Germain area you should be able to find them. We will also sell tickets at the St. Germain Flea Market each Monday from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Please stop by and visit us to purchase your tickets. 

What's Up For 2018?

2017 Trail Building Activities

2018 UTV Raffle Tickets $10.00 Each

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The St. Germain ATV Club Inc. is a member of the St. Germain Chamber of Commerce

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St. Germain Chamber of Commerce

Meet and Greet Every Monday at the St. Germain Flea Market!

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From Memorial Day to Labor Day, we'll be at the St. Germain Flea Market selling our raffle tickets. Don't be afraid to stop on by and say helo!

St. Germain ATV Club

The following projects and new trails were completed in 2017.

1. A new trail was built connecting Birchwood Drive with Balsam Lane via the Gravel Pitt Road, Vilas County Forest Land and Private property. This will allow the people who live in Leisure Estates to access  the main Vilas County trail system.

2. A new trail was developed by widening the St. Germain FAT Tire Bike Trail and building two new trails along the St. Germain Towns 50ft Strip of property that runs between the St. Germain Community Center parking lot and Half Mile Road. This will give those riders who reside in the Forest Downs Sub Division access to the Vilas County and the St. Germain trail system.  The St. Germain ATV cleared another new trail along the town's 50ft strip that goes to Half Mile Road for bicycle use. The St. Germain Silent Sports Committee will finish the development of that trail. The foundation for that trail was paid for by the St. Germain ATV Club Inc. its own expense.

3. A new trail was built on St. Germain town property located between State Highway 155 and Forest Lane (Stump Dump). This trail was named by the club as the Polaris Grant Trail, as the funds from the Polaris Grant were used to build this trail. The trail is located on a piece of town property which is thirty-eight acres in size and was purchased by the Town of St. Germain from the State of Wisconsin DNR in 2017.  The trail is the final link to connect all ATV/UTV trails to the East with all ATV/UTV trails to the West. This trail was completed on July 17th, 2017.

The St. Germain ATV Club Inc. is a Certified Ride Commander APP trail developer.

The St. Germain ATV Club Inc. is a non-profit 501c4 Organization

Wisconsin Association of All Terrain Vehicles (WATVA)

The St. Germain ATV Club Inc. is a member of the Vilas County ATV Alliance.

There are six ATV clubs in the alliance.

ATV Club Mission and Goals.

The St. Germain ATV Club Inc. is a member of WATVA

The Bridge Between the Clubs! Building the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation's Light Barrier. A requirement for crossing Highway 155

The St. Germain ATV Club Inc. is a 2016 recipient of a $10,000 Polaris Trail Building Grant. These funds were used to build three new trails through and in the Town of St. Germain, WI in 2017.

The Mission of the St. Germain ATV Club is to build and maintain the best trail system in Vilas County. We will do this by enlisting the aid of Town, County and State government entities to gain permission to use public lands to build and maintain new trails. We strive to be the mose progressive and best ATV club in the State of Wisconsin by addressing the needs, wants, and desires, of our member and business community.


September 29th 2018 Scavenger Stampede Registration 9AM at the St. Germain Community Center. Activities, Music and Great Food! 

ATV/UTV Registration Fee will be $10.00 again this year.

If you need to make reservations to find lodging for this event now is the time to plan your week-end. Simply go to the lodging tab at the top of the page and the links will take you to their websites. 

2016 Polaris Trail Grant