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The St. Germain ATV Club Inc. maintains a Facebook page. The club does not allow individuals to comment or make postings to their page. Announcements on the Facebook page are more timely and general in nature than the web site and are updated more frequently. Please find us at St. Germain ATV Club. This is the official club page. There are other similar FB pages out there with the name St. Germain ATV Club in their page names, please note the differences. If you need to get in touch with us or have something you'd like to share, you may reach us via email or through a FB private message or notification. If we feel it is appropriate for our page, we will post is and give you the credit for the photo, news worthy item, or comment.

Membership Meetings

General Membership Meetings are held on the first                            Board of Director Meetings are held on the last Thursday

Wednesday of the month. The time is 7PM and the location               of each month at 7PM in the St. Germain Community Center located at          is announced via email to the membership. The meetings are            Veterans Drive in St. Germain, WI 54558. All members in good standing are  held at one of our business members restaurants.  All members        invited and encouraged to attend. The public is NOT invited to attend.

in good standing are encouraged and invited to attend. The

general public is not invited to attend these meetings. Perspective

new members ,may attend these meetings and sign up and join at

their first meeting.

2017 Officers                                                                   2017 Directors

President: Dennis Dieter           Email:   dennisdieter42@icloud.com        Director: Bill Schmidt         Email:   bkschmidt@frontier.com

Vice-President: Dave Brosseit   Email:   davebrosseit@gmail.com            Director: Rick Runge         Email:   14rerunge@gmail.com

Secretary: Jack Bourgeois         Email:   stgermainatvclub@gmail.com     Director: Jeff Heeler           Email: titewad@outlook.com

Treasurer: Steve Soltwedel       Email:    spsoltwedel@yahoo.com             Director: Vacant


The official email address for the St. Germain ATV Club is:Stgermainatvclub@gmail.com

You may also contact any of the officers or directors directly via their email addresses above.Just ciick on their email address.

St. Germain ATV Club

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