ATV Club Mission and Goals.

The St. Germain ATV Club Inc. is a non-profit 501c4 Organization

The St. Germain ATV Club Inc. is a 2016 recipient of a $10,000 Polaris Trail Building Grant. These funds were used to build three new trails through and in the Town of St. Germain, WI in 2017.

2020 Yamaha Trail Grant

The St. Germain ATV Club is a recipient of a $9125.00 Yamaha Trail Building Grant. These funds will be to rebuild a trail from Christmas Tree Lane to Sunrise Blulevard and behind the St. Germain Chamber of commerce. 

The 2020 Scavenger Stampede is tentatively scheduled to be on September 26th,2020.

The 4th of July parade was held on June 30th, 2019. It was a resounding success!!!! 

Vilas County ATV Alliance

2019 Trail Building Activities

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Saint Germain ATV Club

The St. Germain ATV Club Inc. is a member of the

St. Germain Chamber of Commerce

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St. Germain ATV Club Incorporated

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Polaris Ride Commander

St. Germain ATV Club

Wisconsin Association of All Terrain Vehicles (WATVA)

The St. Germain ATV Club Inc. is a member of the Vilas County ATV Alliance.

There are six ATV clubs in the alliance.

The Mission of the St. Germain ATV Club is to build and maintain the best trail system in Vilas County. We will do this by enlisting the aid of Town, County and State government entities to gain permission to use public lands to build and maintain new trails. We strive to be the mose progressive and best ATV club in the State of Wisconsin by addressing the needs, wants, and desires, of our member and business community.


Non-Profit Organization

The St. Germain ATV Club Inc. is a member of WATVA

The St. Germain ATV Club Inc. is a Certified Ride Commander APP trail developer.

The Bridge Between the Clubs! Building the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation required Light Barrier is a yealy event required for crossing State Highway 155

St. Germain Chamber of Commerce

2016 Polaris Trail Grant

The following projects and new trails will be completed in 2019.

1. A new trail has been built, connecting Wilderness Road in Cloverland with Wood Duck Lane. This is a gravel road route on the Vilas County Forest Land and Town of Cloverland property. This will allow the people who live in The Town of Cloverland access to the main St. German and Vilas County trail system.

2. Another new trail developed this season is in the Vilas County forest on the Snipe Lake Game Trail. We have extending that trail by another 4+ miles and it also connects to Wilderness Road. This too will give access to the residents of the Town of Cloverland to the St. Germain and Vilas County Trail system.

3. On October 3rd of 2018 the Cloverland Town Board voted to open ALL of the town roads to ATV and UTV travel. This ordinance provides for the roads be opened all year round.

4. The Vilas County Highway Department has given permission to the St. Germain ATV Club to use some 3+ acres of land as a parking area on Gravel Pit Road, just off of Birchwood Drive and directly on the St. Germain ATV/UTV Trail System.

5. Everyone is anxious for the Highline Trail to be opened between County Highway O, North to Oneida County Highway J. This is wholly on Wisconsin DNR property and most of the major hurdles have been addressed and the Amendment to the Natural Resource Board NHAL Plan. This proposal has been approved and we are hoping that construction will begin after August 15, 2020. This entire trail will be funded by the Wisconsin DNR.

6. Access permission has been granted through the Kaig Stand parking lot to Elmer's Ice Cream and Elmer's Fun Park. 

Wednesday July 16th, 2020 "Dinner at the Curb" Group. This impromptu of like minded riders will leave from the Fern Ridge Parking Area  on Forest Lane at Juve Road at 5PM. This weeks destination "House of Dogs" on Wall Street in Eagle River. You can meet them there by car if you do not want to ATV/UTV it.

July 23rd, 2020 Board of Directors Meeting Location: St. Germain Community Center Meeting Room 2 at 7PM. All members invited to observe.

August 13th, 2020 General Membership Meeting. Location: Vandervort Park Pavilion. Meeting time is 7PM. This is located on Lost Lake Drive North just off of Four Corner Lane.

August 27th, 2020 Board of Directors Meeting. Location: St. Germain Community Center Room 2 at 7PM. All members are invited to observe.

September 23rd, 2020 General Membership Meeting. Location to be announced.

September 26th, 2020 The Annual Scavenger Stampede. Location: St. Germain Community Center at 8:30 AM To pre-register please go to the "2020 Scavenger Stampede Registration page above.